Dr. Pat

    Relationship Fitness Inventory (RFI)


 Dr. Pat Covalt has provided  psychotherapy for individuals, families, and couples for 33 years. She uses a warm, inclusive & collaborative approach in working with her clients. She also offers group therapy, seminars, & workshops and is a public speaker.  Dr. Pat is the author of WHAT SMART COUPLES KNOW and the co-creator of the RELATIONSHIP FITNESS INVENTORY  (RFI) - both of which can help increase your happiness and satisfaction in your relationships by developing and utilizing your Emotional Intelligence.

Pat Covalt, PhD

(PhD in Clinical Psychology)


(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Author / Speaker 

NEW!! Innovative! Comprehensive!
Do yourself & lots of others a BIG FAVOR!  Please help us with the research and development of one of the most important & useful tools you will find anywhere on the value of Emotional Intelligence in your relationships. It can measure your own strengths and weaknesses in your relationships. 
Easily accessed online and  completed in less than an hour.   

And it's fun!

Co-created by Dr. Pat Covalt  and Brandon Covalt, PhD Candidate

WHAT SMART COUPLES KNOW focuses on Emotional Intelligence, which is essential to healthy relating. This book is best used as an ongoing resource for you! 

It is also published in Spanish! ¡También publicado en español & vendido internacionalmente!