Guaranteed to Strengthen and Possibly Save Your Love Relationship or Marriage!

If You Can:                                                          

  1. Get to truly know and understand yourself.            

  2. Get outside yourself and be more tuned into others. 

  3. Manage your emotions - as a gift to be used in a special way not to be denied or expressed randomly!

  4. Transform negative thoughts or experiences into positive ones. Guaranteed to pay huge dividends! 

  5. Don't allow stress and distress to manage your life.                      You're the manager.

  6. Sometimes the going gets tough. Accept some failure or defeat.

  7. Avoid the trap of: “I want what I want when I want it.”                       Delay gratification.

  8. Light your own fire to achieve your goals. Be self-motivated!

  9. Take care of yourself first: physically, emotionally, spiritually.         


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Pat Covalt, PhD

(PhD in Clinical Psychology)


(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Author / Speaker 

Also published in Spanish

& sold internationally!

¡También publicado en español & vendido internacionalmente!