Pat Covalt, PhD

(PhD in Clinical Psychology)


(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Author / Speaker 

Clinical Practice

     Dr. Pat experiences her greatest teachers in this field for 33 years as the hundreds of individuals, couples, families and groups in her clinical practice. She has been enriched and educated, as well, by her workshop participants, public speaking and seminar attendees and her university students. She has a warm, inclusive, collaborative and approachable style in her work and finds that is a win-win benefit in this dynamic.

     Dr. Patricia Covalt's formal education includes completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Religion and Sociology and a BS degree in Education. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and has been a Psychotherapist in private practice since 1980. She provides supervision and mentoring to students seeking further credentialing and has extensive college and university teaching experience.                                                                       

    Dr. Covalt specializes in a number of areas, one of which is committed adult love relationships, including, but not limited to marriage. She is the author of What Smart Couples Know: The Secret to a Happy Relationship and the co-creator of "The Relationshp Fitness Inventory." Both of these contribute to the happiness and satisfaction in your relationships by helping you develop and use your Emotional Intelligence.

     Pat is a dynamic, entertaining and well-informed public speaker who offers lectures and/or workshops on a variety of personal growth, human interest and in-service training issues. Refer to the Public Speaking page for further information.

     She is a clinical member of The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Colorado Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. She holds memberships in the American Psychological Association and the Rocky Mountain Trauma & Dissociation Society.                              

    Pat has two adult daughters and one “grand-angel.”  She is a person of positive energy and optimism. Her life journey includes an active, open, inclusive, ongoing spiritual search, about which she is eager to converse when appropriate.