Pat Covalt, PhD

(PhD in Clinical Psychology)


(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Author / Speaker 

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This Relationship Fitness Inventory (RFI)
 is a
 one-of-a-kind Assessment Tool that:

  • Identifies & measure your strengths & weaknesses in love relationships!
  • Incorporates the wisdom of Emotional & Relational Intelligence & many relationship experts!

Are you:
   *Single & never married?
   *Dating casually?
   *Wanting to find a partner that is a good fit for you?
   *Dating someone exclusively or seriously interested?
   *Engaged & planning to marry?
   *Living w/a committed partner?
   *Married for the 1st time? 2nd? 3rd?
   *Divorced for the 1st time? 2nd? 3rd?

Brandon Covalt

RFI Research Director

Created by Dr. Pat Covalt
Your Personal Trainer
for Relationship Fitness

Relationship Fitness Inventory (RFI)

We don’t always know if/when we are “DOING HARM" in our relationships or what “SPECIAL GIFTS" we bring!