Pat Covalt, PhD

(PhD in Clinical Psychology)


(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Author / Speaker 

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This Relationship Fitness Inventory (RFI)
 is a
 one-of-a-kind Assessment Tool that:

  • Identifies & measure your strengths & weaknesses in love relationships!
  • Incorporates the wisdom of Emotional & Relational Intelligence & many relationship experts!

Brandon Covalt

RFI Research Director

Created by Dr. Pat Covalt
Your Personal Trainer
for Relationship Fitness

Relationship Fitness Inventory (RFI)

We don’t always know if/when we are “DOING HARM" in our relationships or what “SPECIAL GIFTS" we bring!

Are you:
   *Single & never married?
   *Dating casually?
   *Wanting to find a partner that is a good fit for you?
   *Dating someone exclusively or seriously interested?
   *Engaged & planning to marry?
   *Living w/a committed partner?
   *Married for the 1st time? 2nd? 3rd?
   *Divorced for the 1st time? 2nd? 3rd?